How To Earn Over $20.00 Per Day In Neobux

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NeoBux Site changed My life And I Earned Monthly 600$ To 800$ Easily.

Neobux is Life Changing Website Where You Earn Easily 20$+ Per Days (With View Advertisement and Mini Jobs). No doubt Neobux is one of the Oldest PTC sites paying instantly since 2008 the start of its program.

How To Register In Neobux?

First of All Click On Nebux Banner Above and you visit Neobux, it look like this

To register you need to click on “Register”, Once you have clicked you are directed here:

To register a new account you are required to fill in the following fields:
Username: The username you choose will be used to log into your account.
Password: Enter a password for logging in and changing account options.
Password confirmation: Enter the same password again.
Email: Enter your e-mail. It must be real because it asks for confirmation to know that the address written corresponds with yours.
Payza/PayPal Email: Enter your Payza or PayPal address. ( if you don't have payza or paypal account then dont worry just write your Active email in payza or paypal Box while filling neobux reg form. You can change it later)
Referrer: is the username of the person who invited to you to NeoBux.
Birth Year: Enter your year of birth. It is appropriate to write your real age, if you don’t, it can cause problems in the future.
Image Verification: Enter the code in the image to confirm you are not a robot.

Ensure the data entered is correct and click “ Continue. ” You are then directed to another page to confirm that your email address is real:

Validation code: Insert the code that NeoBux sent to the email account that you entered during your registration.

Image verification: Enter the code in the image to confirm you are not a robot.

Ensure the data entered is correct and click “FINISH REGISTRATION”.

Now that you have your NeoBux account, you can start using it!

Log in to your account:

Now that you have created an account on NeoBux you can start using it. To do this you first have to login.
Click on “Login”

Username: You enter the username that you chose during your registration.
Password: You enter the password you chose during your registration.
Secondary password: The first time you log in and until you choose a second password this field must be left blank. This is important.
Verification code: Enter the code in the image to confirm you are not a robot.

Once done, you are directed to here:

How to start earning money in Neobux

Once you have logged in into our Neobux account you can start to earn money with it.

Click on “View Advertisements” or
This will take you to the view advertisements page where you can make money with it.
As you will see there is a table. Each table row has a different ad. In my case, at least 15 ads appear, but in your case there should be at least 4:

The adverts can vary from time to time. To view the ad you have to click the title of the advert:

and then the red button that appears:

After clicking the red button and a new window opens in your browser and you can see the following:

Once the advert has fully loaded, a progress bar will appear:
Once the progress bar finishes it will change to this:

Now we can close the window of this advert and repeat with the rest. If we close the window before the progress bar is filled we will not be paid for it.

Can I earn more or is that all?

You can certainly earn more money $20 Per Day with mini Jobs, Neo points, Neo Coins, referrals and adprizes.

Neobux Payments Proof:


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